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Support concept

Smart support at every stage

Our support begins at the earliest stages of planning and continues through to decommissioning. This is tailored to the unique needs of every individual customer, ensuring that your systems and equipment provide maximum value in a sustainable manner. The support life cycle is divided into three phases: Establish support, In-service support and End of life support.
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Saab´s support model

Saab's wide range of solutions are flexible, can be adapted to suit individual requirements including large-scale set-ups, and are designed to optimise operations, reduce costs and minimise environmental impact. Whether you require a customised product for a specific application, or a complete end-to-end solution, we can provide exactly what you need.


Scalable Support levels

Basic support

With basic support, Saab will generally fill in any gaps in the customer´s capabilities, while allowing them to retain control over and responsibility for the main part of maintenance and logistics at their site(s). Examples of basic support: Initial provisioning of spare parts and tools, technical publications, MRO services on ad-hoc basis and initial training.

Extended support

With extended support, Saab will usually manage the execution of support and/or services at the customer site(s) to a great extent. This solution can be fully customised and tailor-made. Examples of extended support: contracted PBTH based MRO services, field representative on site, contracted follow-on training on regular basis.

Availability support

With the most comprehensive level of support, availability support, Saab works on site with the customer to provide a complete turn-key solution, allowing the customer to fully focus on their core business. Examples of availability support: full availability based turnkey solution. Leave it to us!

Partnership for the future

Around the world, Saab has a firm belief in investing in local businesses and industries. We believe in sharing our technology, our ideas and our thinking with our partners for mutual benefit and better outcomes. Culturally and instinctively, we support our partners in a cooperative way. Saab Support Solutions embodies Saab´s thinking edge approach by bringing together adaptability, flexibility, cost-efficiency and partnership with local industries in a smart support solution offer for all platforms and domains.

Certificates and approvals

Saab hold almost 70 different certifications and approvals which ensures that our delivery complies with current regulations. These certificates and approvals also serve as excellent guidelines, allowing us to provide world class support whatever the challenge.

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